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Florida Snakes

Snakes, one of the most misunderstood animals on this plant in my opinion - hated for no reason except for 'they might be poisonous.' Hopefully this page will allow you to see the true beauty, peaceful nature and captivating coloration and habits of these animals. Central Florida only has four venomous snakes and the entire state has a total of six, the other two occur in North Florida. If you can learn these four/six snakes then you won't have to worry about the others!

It's amazin' what you can find the residential neighborhoods. This Scarlet Snake, Cemophora coccinea coccinea, (commonly mistaken for the venomous Coral Snake) is harmless. Primarily dining on the eggs of other reptiles, it occasionally dines on small rodents and other reptile such an anoles. Perhaps the easiest way to tell the difference between it and the venomous Coral Snake is to think of a stop light...if the red touches the yellow like on a stop light you should stop and not touch it, it's a Coral Snake! But remember the first rule of deal with snakes - if you don't know what it is, leave it alone.

Scarlet Snake                 Handling                 Scarlet Snake Body
                A Scarlet Snake            Be Careful When Handling        Look at the Gorgeous Coloration
Photographs By: M.R.L.

Driving through Clermont, Florida a buddy and I happened upon this beauty - An Eastern Hognose Snake, Heterodon platirhinos. The first safety mechanism these snakes have is faking their own death, sometimes even throwing sand into mouths and deficating on themselves. If this doesn't work Hognose snakes have another trait, which earned them the names 'Puff Adders' in the olden days because they flatten their heads when spooked, though this trait tends to be lost in captivity. But no need to worry, the main diet of these snakes tends to be toads/frog.
Check out the pictures below:

Playing Dead       Lookin' Around       Cautious       Puff Adder      
      Playing Dead             Lookin' Around                Cautious                    Puff Adder                   
Photographs By: M.R.L.

In Photograph:
07.Aug.2010 - Megan at Gatorland Orlando
Kissimmee, Florida.

Photograph By:
David Nunlist

Any photographs are available in a larger size upon e-mail request