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Saltwater Fishing

This section will hold all my saltwater fishing photographs - from Reds to Cobia - assorted by the date of the trip.


19 February 2011

Went fishing with my SO and a buddy. It was blowing like crazy in the NMZ, which made kayakin' to the bar fun. We got out there and set up shop across from what had to be a 12 foot gator. American Alligator Only had one decent fish of the day...but it was well worth it. A 40" Red, Red which took all my might to hold up. Then, unfortunately, I got into a school of little sheet Trout and caught about 20 of these Trout little buggers.

05 February 2011

Went to the beach with my SO and Family. It was a lovely day, but nothin' was bitin'! I saw a ton of wildlife, a birds - one was especially cute! Saw a ton of dying Jellyfish and a really cute running crab. Crab My dad tried his heart out but this Dad's Catch was all he caught. Josh faired a little bit better with his amazing baby whiting. Josh's Catch. I got a whoppin' nothin'!!! However I did happen upon a gator. And then saw an Osprey feeding it's baby Osprey feeding it's baby. Cute!

29 January 2011

It was a long and cold day...too cold for the fish. I got to watch the sunrise Sunrise over Mosquito Lagoon over Mosquito Lagoon in the mornin' with my SO and his buddy. Then after only seeing one Red swimmin' we paddled in and headed to the NMZ...now talk about cold water. I saw a solid black band of 3 feet wide under the mangrove movin'...it was a WALL of mullet...INSANE. It was so calm and flat...just too cold, even the stingrays Stringray wouldn't move when I walked up on them. Saw a few Reds bein' lazy and caught a Trout that I brought home for dinner. I did not get to catch much but I had a good day on the water and got to see a BEAUTIFUL Sunset over NMZ sunset. Sunset over NMZ