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Florida Saltwater Fish

In this section I will describe recent fishing adventures I have had and will post pictures of the fish caught. Fishing is perhaps my favorite hobby and is something I do on a weekly basis - weather permitting. I will also include short informational tidbits about those fish.

The weather was awful...ha. But I stuck to my guns and went fishin' with my boyfriend and didn't catch anythin' worth mentionin'; however, I did a nice variety from the Port which only produces Bluefish normally - got ladyfish, bluefish, pinfish Pinfish, jacks Jack Crevalle and flounders Flounder. Pretty nifty...almost caught a pelican...that was bad...

Here's hoping the weather is good enough this weekend and the Pompano are biting from shore if not!

Went kayak fishing with my boyfriend again (two people in a one person kayak, talk about a funny picture) and I caught a 10 spot Red, Sciaenops ocellatus! That's right, ten spots. Be sure to check out the photographs below. The red was caught on Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Jerk Shad - New Penny Color...though we all know it doesn't matter when it's Gulp Bait, the smell alone works!
Check out the pictures below:

Berkley Bait       Six Spots       Four Spots       On One Kayak      
Berkley Bait                  Six Spots                    Four Spots                 One Kayak              
Photographs By: M.R.L.

FL Native - Florida Native Fish

All images linked on this page are located below. Please feel free to click on the thumbnails and a larger version of the picture will be loaded in a new window.

Two Pinfish       Jack Crevalle       Flounder